Our Services

By provider referral only, Jones Center for Pain Management is accepting new patients for clinical management, EMG diagnosis, or for any of the following spine/neuromuscular problems:

  • Acute and chronic spinal pain problems related to pinched nerves, facet joint pain or intervertebral disc pain
  • Peripheral nerve compression/inflammation.  Examples might include; carpal tunnel syndrome, ulnar nerve compression at the elbow (the "funny bone nerve"), foot drop, or post herpetic neuralgia, 
  • Upper or lower body, acute or chronic muscle-based pain, arthritis, bursitis and tendinopathy.  Examples might include; tennis elbow, shoulder bursitis, knee and hip arthritic pain, pain at the base of the thumb, golfers elbow,
  • Myofascial pain syndrome, or piriformis syndrome.


We do not provide prescription medicine as the only means of controlling chronic pain. The doctors will evaluate your needs, and more conservative measures such as injections, home care, and referrals to other specialists will be considered before the doctors prescribe medication in pill form.

If you are referred to Jones Center and are taking pain medications prescribed by another physician, OR our doctors decide that medication would be helpful for you, we have a "narcotics contract" that you will carefully read and sign. This is based on current FDA and State regulations that will help us keep track of your use and make sure no negative interactions are happening between different treatments.

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