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Brain injury specialist Dr. Julie Gronek was highlighted in the American Academy of PM&R website for her work with patients who have a brain injury.  She is also honored to be a part of the Brain Injury Association of Michigan, which is a panel of physicians who specialize in brain injury (www.biami.org). Please read the local article below regarding Dr. Gronek’s involvement in the Traverse City community, helping to raise awareness about brain injury:

Traverse City Theater, Rainbow Rehabilitation Center Spread Brain Injury Awareness

By Megan Woods, Reporter    March 22, 2016

People can have a traumatic brain injury and not even know it. That's why Tuesday night a rehab center with the help of a local theater is helping people become more aware.

Traverse City’s State Theater and Rainbow Rehabilitation Center partnered for a free screening of the movie Concussion for Brain Injury Awareness Month. After the movie, a panel of brain injury experts held a Q and A session.

Long term effects of a brain injury can be deadly. That's why people piled into the State Theater for the free screening of the film Concussion and a panel discussion.

High school soccer player Mitchell Hebblewhite says several of his teammates have had brain injuries.  “This soccer season my friend had to sit out for a week and then there was a couple people that had to wear headbands because if they get anymore concussions it could be bad.”

Dawson Craker plays high school football. He has had two concussions from football and felt like he didn't know enough.

“It's pretty bad and I can really tell what the side effects are from it, like how it messes with my brain. I'm just hoping to see what the long-term effects of concussions are.”

Concussion is based off a true story about the doctor who uncovered the truth about football related brain injuries.

“The movie is a little bit scary, so we're here to try and provide some clarification and understanding and really help the community,” says panelist and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Physician Dr. Julie Gronek.  

It’s not just sports - brain injuries can happen in many ways.

Dr. Gronek says, “We have water sports, we have skiing and snowmobiling, so we really have a recreational outdoor community. People are doing risky behaviors that can really set them up for an unintentional injury.”

The panel tried to raise awareness without scaring people.

Dr. Gronek says, “Most people with a mild traumatic brain injury don't go to their doctor, they don't go to the ER; they never get care. So what we really want is for people to realize what it is, and to get appropriate treatment so that they’re fine.”

Brain injury symptoms include headaches, nausea, dizziness, ringing in the ears and confusion. If you experience symptoms, Dr. Gronek says it's best to seek medical attention immediately.

Source: http://www.9and10news.com/story/31542708/traverse-city-theater-rainbow-rehabilitation-center-spread-brain-injury-awareness

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