How to get Referred

This is the process by which you could be referred to Jones Center for Pain Management. One of your Doctors, a Physician Assistant, or a Family Nurse Practitioner must refer you to our office.


Here is the process:


  1. The “provider” mentioned above, would call our office to initiate a consultation, test, or injection.
  2. We would request your medical records from the referring doctor, and possibly one or more of your other doctors.
  3. After Doctor Jones reviews your information and decides you are an appropriate person for our practice, you would get a call from our staff to schedule the most appropriate type of appointment for your situation.


After you are referred and Dr. Jones reviews your pertinent medical information, Dr. Jones may decide you are not appropriate person for us to help.


Here are some categories of patients we are not able to help:


  • Patients whose primary issue is that they needed a doctor to write their opioid (narcotic) medicine prescriptions.
  • Patients whose primary pain problem is fibromyalgia.
  • Patients with chest pain, abdominal pain, or pelvic pain who have not been through a thorough workup by appropriate specialists.


We are not:

  •  A walk-in clinic.
  • A pain clinic per se, since we don’t have multiple injecting doctors, a pain psychologist on staff, or physicians assistants seeing patients every month to write medicine prescriptions.


We are specialists in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Interventional Pain Management.


We must have referrals by the above mentioned providers because we take insurances and, most of the time, these are requirements for insurance payments.


We hope we can help you at Jones Center for Pain Management.